Agri-ProFocus (APF): fostering entrepreneurship in agriculture

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SNV supports Agri-ProFocus (APF), a business network that connects organised farmers, traders, suppliers, processors and exporters - both nationally and internationally. APF Zambia also links development agencies to government and knowledge institutes. The network supports farmers in becoming strong entrepreneurs, able to make informed decisions for their businesses.

We aim to establish a port of call in Zambia for all agriculture stakeholders to develop partnerships that foster farmer entrepreneurship and food security. Our goal is to establish a competitive environment that increases business among value chain actors and facilitates joint resource mobilisation.

Services include:

  • Networking platform, providing easy access to agri-business contacts and resources;
  • Connecting agri-businesses to expertise and resources on a local, regional and international level;
  • Supporting joint initiatives that generate new solutions to existing problems;
  • Facilitating partnerships for joint resource mobilisation;
  • Facilitating knowledge-exchange, discussions, debates and access to the latest innovations in agriculture and food security.

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