Agro Business Centre in Benin

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The Agro Business Centre (ABC) is developing innovative business development services and is facilitating access to financial services for small and medium agribusiness enterprises in Benin. The first phase covers a 4-year period from 2013 to 2017 with a budget of €4 million funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Benin. ABC aims to stimulate the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro agribusiness companies with high growth potential by supporting them with advice, providing assistance and facilitating their access to funding.

The services provided by SNV focus on management consulting, marketing and sales, technical and organizational support, and financing.

Management consulting

ABC strengthens the administration of companies by introducing new accounting systems and accounting software, the preparation of annual financial statements, annual accounting assistance and the creation of procedural manuals. A solid financial administration is essential for a good financial management and makes the company more credible for future funding.

Technical and organisational support

ABC assists companies in the improvement of the quality of their products, such pineapple, cashew, palm oil, fruit juice, fish, vegetables through training in compliance with good hygiene practices as well as support certification issued by an accredited laboratory, attesting the product quality. The implementation of this traceability and the quality control system professionalizes agribusiness SMEs and even more creates sales opportunities in regional and international markets.

Access to funding

Getting funds goes beyond the elaboration of a business plan. In order to obtain a loan, clients will need a functional administration, formal registration, and the right quality certification to reach out a national or even international market. All those factors have to be taken into account for a well-designed business plan.

Marketing and communication, market research

When SMEs face more demand from international markets than domestic markets, they lack branding and good positioning. In this context, the centre supports agribusiness companies in the design of the label and choice of packaging. Operating in highly competitive sectors, the flow of post-harvest products is also a concern. Therefore ABC helps companies in improving the distribution strategy, participation in fairs and trade missions, developing marketing plan and promote their products through new media.


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“ABC has been a great support for the realisation of a solid business and marketing plan. My company Natura has made significant progress. “ Gilles Adamon, owner Natura company

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