Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE)

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In Tanzania, Rwanda, and Mozambique, unemployment rates for youth are 2-3 times higher than those of adults, with an even higher rate of unemployment among young women. Furthermore, poverty levels in these three countries range from 45 to 68%, according to The World Bank. The vast majority of rural youth depend on 'vulnerable' employment in subsistence farming, and informal self-employment without a stable income or the opportunity for professional development or long-term growth. Consequently, many rural youth migrate to urban centers in search of work, but often they lack an adequate skill set or clear understanding of the needs of the market.

With the Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) project, SNV aims to sustainably increase youth employment and income through; the skills and capacity development of youth (push factor), the linking of youth to market opportunities for employment and enterprise development (match factor), and selecting opportunities in growth sectors that have concrete potential for employment creation (pull factor). SNV will work with youth organisations, vocational training centers, local government, and business associations to identify young people who are out-of-school and unemployed. SNV then coordinates with training providers to carefully screen and select disadvantaged young people to participate.

The project provides life skills and technical training of rural disadvantaged youth in the agriculture and renewable energy sectors, after which these youth will be linked to market opportunities for employment and enterprise development, through internships, specialized business training and access to financial services. SNV also provides youth with post-training support in order to strengthen their capacity to access employment opportunities in existing enterprises in selected growth sectors.

The OYE project is implemented by SNV, is implemented in partnerships with the Mastercard Foundation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

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Improve the livelihoods and prospects for 20,500 rural youth in Tanzania, Rwanda and Mozambique.


Create direct employment and improve incomes for 11,100 young women and men, with a potential benefit to 66,000 people in their households and extended families in Mozambique and Tanzania.


Create employment for over 6,500 youth in Rwanda and Tanzania in existing biogas and other energy enterprises, and in 170 new youth-led energy enterprises.

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