Responding to migrating populations in Northern Cameroon (PRESEC)

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The Responding to Migrating Populations in the Northern regions of Cameroon project (Project de Renforcement de la resilience des populations des regions Septentrionales du Cameroun or PRESEC) aims to increase access to basic services, economic resources as well as improve the food security of vulnerable local and migrating populations in Nothern Cameroon. The PRESEC project is funded by EuropeAid and aims to affect the lives of more than 80,000 people including women, children and refugees.

Due to a lack of resources and a growing population, the availability of clean water, sanitation, healthcare and food in Northern Cameroon is not meeting local needs. Changed weather patterns due to climate change have increased food insecurity as a result of failing crops. Repeated incursions by armed groups from neighboring countries sometimes double the number of people living in the target areas. These incursions have also destroyed schools, sanitary and water infrastructure as well as destabilised and destroyed local economies. All these factors negatively impacted the food and nutrition situation, diminished access to basic social services, in spite of the provided humanitarian aid.

The PRESEC project aims to rebuild local livelihoods and create resilience by strengthening people's ability to respond to natural or man-made disasters. The project aims to increase incomes, improve access to basic services and improve people's food and nutrition security.

To achieve these objectives the project will increase the supply of basic services (e.g. water and sanitation) by strengthening the local organisational capacities and improve the quality of local basic services. Secondly, the SNV and partners will support the increase and diversification of agricultural activities amongst the local pastoral communities by developing farmers' skills on climate adaptive techniques, sustainable land management, improved agricultural practices. The project will also improve their access to natural resources, strengthen their access to markets and cooperate with traders to increase the effectiveness of local value chains.

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Increase local incomes


Improve access to basic services such as sanitation and clean water


Improve people's food and nutrition security

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