Women represent half of the labour force, yet they have less access and control over productive resources, such as money, energy and land. As a result women often do not reap the benefits from their labour.

SNV's Balancing Benefits product aims to close the gender gap and address the existing inequitable gender norms and unequal access to resources and market opportunities.

We work with an integrated fourfold approach. We stimulate household and community dialogue aimed at challenging gender norms that shape resource allocation patterns. SNV engages men as well as women in this dialogue and makes use of good examples of social changes as role models.

We aim to grow women's access and control over productive resources such as clean affordable energy, credit and land,  providing positive impacts on health, allowing them to devote less time to reproductive tasks and allowing them to start and grow their enterprise.

We strengthen women's leadership and voice in organisations and institutions that govern markets and businesses. When women have power and decision making opportunities, they can challenge the structural barriers that cause inequalities in access to clean energy, businesses and markets, they can advocate for improved health outcomes and better terms while claiming market share. We improve markets and governance in favour of equitable opportunities for women in market and governance of markets.  

SNV has over 50 years of experience in women's economic empowerment. We have learned that that economic growth alone is not enough to address gender inequality. It requires a fundamental change in the structures that underpin these unequal gender norms: women and girls should be enabled to expand their economic opportunities, have access to resources and participate in decision-making. Without these, the structures that cause inequality remain intact. Our product is integrated in multiple projects on food and nutrition security, resilient markets and climate change.

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