Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE)

In some areas more than half of young people do not have a job. Even more pressing is the global underemployment rate of 70%. We match young people with job opportunities that give them a chance to improve their lives. More than 25,000 young people have enrolled in one of our youth employment projects. We have a global track record of developing and delivering sustainable and effective youth unemployment solutions.

Not using the capabilities of young people hampers economic growth and may lead to social instability, driving young people to migrate1. Meaningful employment for young people is essential to achieve sustainable economic development; however they often lack relevant market skills and are not provided real opportunities. SNV’s Opportunities for Youth Employment (OYE) is a market based approach to sustainably reduce youth unemployment and underemployment. We act as a match maker between young people and private companies. Our model is based on SNV’s decades’ long experience in value chain and inclusive market development for the agriculture, energy and sanitation sectors.

Experience shows that providing education and training is not sufficient to reach meaningful employment. Many trained young people don’t have relevant skills or are perceived as lacking in motivation, and don’t get worthwhile opportunities. We use our extensive knowledge of local market circumstances to intermediate between local companies and unemployed young people. Creating an opportunity to improve their life and dream about their future again.

Using our extensive experience in local markets, we connect companies and unemployed young people with one another. We train young people on life and leadership skills. We cooperate with vocational training centres and local companies to provide technical skills training and apprenticeships. We match trained young people with employment options in local growth markets, and continue to mentor them deep into the job. We support them to access credit facilities through peer savings and lending associations.We partner with local training centres and governments to ensure our results are sustainable.

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“I learnt to spot opportunities and gained skills in biogas. Now I own a biogas company and have contracts at district level. “ Vedaste Haragirimana, 26

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