Resilient Food Systems

Despite progress in reducing global hunger and malnutrition, 795 million people worldwide continue to experience food insecurity. SNV aims to increase food security of those vulnerable by making food systems more resilient to external shocks and making nutritious food more accessible. Our work in food systems is based on our extensive experience in building resilient and efficient value chains, climate smart agriculture and improving nutrition for communities. 

We use an integrated approach to working on all elements of a food system, compassing multiple food stuff commodities, to an improved food security situation. We reduce food loss throughout the supply chain by improving harvesting, post-harvest handling, storage, food preservation and processing techniques. We strengthen the connection to commodity markets for producres, for example by providing farmers and pastoralists with (mobile) tools that enable them to be better informed on farm management, weather and market conditions. We improve food safety by working with smallholders, traders, distributors and processing companies, for example by improving food storing techniques, reducing the use of pesticides and providing alternative, sustainable methods to manage pests. We stimulate the sustainable management of crops, soil and water in order to creating diverse farming systems that support a high biodiversity, diverse incomes and natural protection against shocks.

To create sustainable results, we work with authorities to create inclusive policies and legal frameworks, such as improved land rights and tenure mechanisms. We support the creation of producer groups to strengthen the position of smallholder producer, and increase the quality of services provided to them. 

SNV has been working on food & nutrition security in over 30 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, implementing integrated solutions that address systemic issues underlying food security and poverty.

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