90% of the world’s $9.8 billion cocoa market is produced by 9 million smallholder farmers, the majority of whom still live in extreme poverty. Despite a 2.7% increase in annual global cocoa demand, the majority of these farmers still live in poverty. A large percentage receive low prices due to 2 main factors: damage during post-harvesting, and poor grading and selection meeting market requirements.

SNV trains farmers in climate adaptive skills, good agricultural practices and certification, introduces improved techniques and technologies for sustainable yields, and brokers business relationships for inclusion in commercial supply chains. We work in 22 cocoa-producing nations, including Cameroon, Ghana, Honduras, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Nicaragua, and Vietnam. Our work with farmers, traders, and other service providers has increased farm income by 20%.

Business partners include ECOM, OLAM, Nestle, and other international and local companies. Non-commercial partners are UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, IDH, and research institutions. Donors are Netherlands agencies and embassies, USAID, Ford Foundation, IFAD, the European Union, and World Bank.

For more information about our work in cocoa, please contact us via cocoa@snv.org.

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