The Dairy sector has the potential to provide food security, nutrition, income, and employment to millions in the developing world. SNV works with small-scale dairy farmers to develop their skills and introduce techniques to improve milk quality, yields, and their access to commerical markets.

Global milk production continues to grow, and is expected to more than double between 2000 and 2030. The demand for dairy products also is increasing, particularly so for the economies of the developing world. Milk provides a daily income for many farmers. In most developing countries, the majority of milk comes from small- and medium-scale farmers. Lack of practical skills, lack of quality animal feed, low quality of milk, and lack of support services are some of the sector's constraints.

The dairy value chain is also predominantly private-sector-driven, and the potential for further commercialisation, value addition, and growth is greatly untapped. SNV develops smallholder supply chains and uses Inclusive Business to make the sector more profitable for low income producers.

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