Food & Nutrition Security

Household food and nutrition security remains a significant challenge for millions of people. Vulnerabilities and inadequacies in food production and market systems perpetuate a cycle of poverty and income disparity, exposing low income groups to food and nutrition insecurity.

SNV’s innovative solutions Resilient Food Systems and Sustainable Nutrition 4 All tackle these systemic challenges. By drawing on experience and best practice these solutions address multiple dimensions of food and nutrition insecurity including; sustainable and resilient production, dietary diversity, governance and gender equality. These scalable approaches are adaptable, to address the diverse and context specific needs of food insecure groups.

We are engaged in programmes in Latin America, Africa and Asia with a range of international donors including USAID, SDC, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Deirdre McMahon

Nutrition Advisor


A review of global hunger and malnutrition shows that progress in hunger reduction at global level has continued, but household food security remains a challenge. Barriers to resilient food systems leave many households vulnerable to external shocks and caught in a cycle of poverty and income disparity. SNV has developed Resilient Food Systems, a robust approach supporting thousands of communities around the world to achieve food security.

Our Resilient Food Systems solution addresses four interrelated pillars:

  • Adaptive and sustainable food production
  • Zero loss or waste of food
  • Informed decision-making at household level
  • Better governance and public policies in favour of smallholder farmers

It is an innovative and holistic approach, which draws on best practice in agriculture, resilience, post-harvest technologies and supply chains, market linkages, gender, and local public institution building. 

SNV's Sustainable Nutrition 4 All (SN4A) is an innovative solution addressing under-nutrition by improving production of and access to nutritous food, and by stimulating household behaviour change to ensure everyone eats healthily.

In various countries worldwide, SNV builds farmers' capacity for climate smart and nutrition-sensitive agriculture to ensure a local supply of diverse affordable foods, and through behaviour change campaigns addresses the sociocultural norms and practices that circumscribe healthy eating within the household.

Sustainable Nutrition 4 All works simultaneously on four interrelated pillars:

  • Demand creation
  • Behaviour change communication
  • Nutrition-sensitive agriculture for local supply of diverse affordable foods
  • Improved governance

Watch the video to see how this pioneering approach is being implemented in collaboration with SDC.

Read more on the global initiative to eradicate malnutrition by 2030 - Global Nutrition Report.


Sustainable Nutrition 4 All


Sustainable Nutrition 4 All


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