Although access to water and sanitation is a basic human right, a large part of the world's population still lives without clean water or a safe, sanitary toilet. In many urban areas, water and sanitation service delivery is fragmented and fails to deliver minimal service standards, while those without access lack the means and influence to change their situation as they are often the poorest and the most marginalised groups of society.

SNV aims to tackle these challenges through comprehensive approaches that focus on equitable and sustainable access to urban water, sanitation and hygiene. 

Sanitation & Hygiene
Investment in urban sanitation generally concentrates either on household toilet promotion following rural models or sewerage construction, but the latter is often not economically viable or is out of reach for most cities and towns. Our Urban Sanitation & Hygiene for Health and Development (USHHD) product integrates work on city sanitation planning, compliance strategies, behavioural change communication with a pro-poor market-based approach that includes business models for toilet upgrading, emptying, treatment and where possible, re-use. Health and safety of services for both consumers and workers is essential, and goes beyond the simplistic distinction between manual and mechanical emptying.

Water Supply
From the provision of adequate water supply services to developing and introducing affordable tariff structures and systems to operate and maintain the services, improved local capacity is desperately needed to ensure equitable access to safe, sustainable water for all. In Urban Water Supply Services (UWSS), SNV therefore works with local authorities and service providers to improve utility management in small towns and peri-urban areas. From building capacity in tariff setting and collection, to developing public-private partnerships, advocating pro-poor water policies, improving effluent and waste water management and addressing non-revenue water.

We run urban WASH programmes across Asia, Africa and Latin America with funding from a range of international donors, including USAID, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Dutch Ministry of Affairs, the European Union and Vitens Evides International. Our approaches are scalable and adaptable in order to address the diverse and context specific needs of urban communities.

Antoinette Kome

Global Sector Coordinator - WASH

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