International Opportunities for Youth Employment Conference 2019

August 2019


Welcome to the International Opportunities for Youth Employment Conference 2019, Making markets work for youth, taking place in Bamako, Mali on 17 - 18 October

Opportunity for Youth Employment (OYE) approach acts as the missing link between disadvantaged young people and markets - our experience has shown that even in fragile contexts such as the Sahel, market-based approaches coupled with youth ownership can be a very effective approach.  Attendees at the International Opportunity for Youth Conference will get an overview of the specific youth employment approaches that SNV has been implementing for the past 6 years in many countries, notably in Mali as part of the EJOM project (in partnership with ICCO, WASTE and APEJ). Come, learn and share with fellow development practitioners and young people from various countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

Find all relevant conference information through the links below (We will continue to update this information, so please do check the information regularly).


Registering for the conference


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