The introduction of the "FASO-BIO 15" biodigester in Benin

December 2018


From Monday, October 29 to Thursday, November 8 2018, in Kandi, 10 masons and supervisors from different regions of Benin were trained in promotion and construction techniques for the domestic bio-digesters model - Faso Bio-15 volume 4m³.

This biodigester is a fixed dome model and can be operated continuously. In addition, it is relatively accessible for rural households.

This capacity building training was provided by Mr Jan Lam, a Senior Adviser at SNV who is responsible for the biodigester programme in Burkina Faso and Miss Gwladys. W SANDWIDI, Technical Manager at Burkina Faso's National Biodigester Programme.

At the end of the training, two biodigesters were built. El Hadj Gounou Mohamed, one of the two customers from the village of Kadjèrè could not contain his joy: "I am happy to have this installation which will produce organic fertilizer for my farming activities. My wife can also cook with a modern cookstove from now on under lighting from biogas lamps. Thank you very much! ".

As for the second customer El Hadj AMADOU Djibril, he is in a hurry to connect his new latrine to his biodigester! Just like Mr GOUNOU Mohamed, he agreed at the time of the biodigester construction to allow for a pipe with a view to the possible attachment of a latrine. These latrines will be built by the UNICEF CLTS project, which is currently being implemented in the locality of Kadjèrè.

For the representative of SNV Benin, this training course is a necessity as a prelude to the implementation of the partnership agreement signed between SNV and ABERME to ensure that quality standards are respected and the digesters function well.  The learning from the training course will be applied to the 100 domestic biodigesters which will be built under this partnership. This idea was also confirmed by Arsène ASSOGBA, one of the participants from the NGO Jardin des Oliviers, a social enterprise responsible for the promotion of biodigesters: "This training was very beneficial for me because it helped me to detect errors that I made and gave me more capacity and insurance to build biodigesters that meet quality standards."

Customers and their biodigester installation
Participants receiving their Certificate

At the closing ceremony, all the participants received their certificate of participation in this training for technical and commercial masons. The representative of the General Directorate of Energy Resources of Benin, the focal point of the Alliance set up by various countries of West and Central Africa for a harmonious development of the biodigester technology, said he was very satisfied to see the objectives of the Alliance being operationalized.

The representative of the Beninese Agency for Rural Electrification and Energy Management (ABERME) welcomed the knowledge acquired by the participants. He expressed a wish that all the biodigesters currently being built need to meet the construction standards, like the two training sites, and that the various customers can be assured of their continued operation. As for the Executive Director of the NGO ALAFIA, he reassured SNV and the other partners of the efforts that the support structures will deploy for the appropriation of the technology and the mobilization of the customers.

In his closing remarks, the Renewable Energy Sector Manager of SNV in Benin expressed his delight for this partnership between Benin and the Burkina Faso National Biodigester Programme (PNB-BF). He hoped for a continued commitment from each of the actors and especially the governors to ensure favourable conditions not only for the construction of the 100 biodigesters but also for the development of a National Biodigesters Programme in Benin, similar to in other countries.


Edouard Fagnon

Energy Expert

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