New video: SNV's gender approach Balancing Benefits


Watch how Balancing Benefits, SNVs transformative gender approach, works together with men and women to address social and gender constraints; empowering men in the household and business to share authority with women!

Balancing Benefits can be applied across multiple solutions, integrating food & nutrition security and climate resilience. It explicitly aims to change gender norms and relations in order to promote more equitable relationships, and a more socially enabling environment.  The approach is inclusive, specifically working together with men to ensure they are part of, and supportive of the transformation.

The solution empowers women to take an active role and where possible, ownership of decisions around productive resources and assets including labour saving technologies. It also provides support for increasing women’s share of family incomes; enhancing women’s entry and success in value added businesses; and influencing business environments to support women in agri-business and enhance equity of opportunity.

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