Green Cocoa Business Service Centre

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The Green Cocoa Business Service Centre aims to increase the income of cocoa farmers by improving their access to cocoa business services and increase the value addition process for cocoa farmers. The project is funded by GIZ and is implemented by SNV. 

The Geen Cocoa Business Service Center improves the delivery of services to cocoa farmers, enhance the processing of cocoa by the farmer cooperatives and improve famers' access to markets. 

To improve the delivery of services, SNV creates and strengthens cooperatives by providing training and provide support to establish new cooperatives. In addition, SNV established cocoa business centres in the Cameroonian sub-divisions of Muyaka and Ngomedzap. The project improves the quality of the processed cocoa beans by the farmers cooperatives, the center will create cocoa processing units, create solar drying units and fermentation systems at the farmer cooperatives. SNV improves farmers' access to markets, by increasing their access to inputs through the business centerss. The project will also stimulate the creation of credit facilities. SNV will also collaborate with traders to increase the value chains effectiveness. 

The projects expects

  • Over 12,000 cocoa farmers using cocoa business service centres for fermentation, drying, warehousing, processing, marketing, knowledge and skills development
  • 2000 farmers with increased incomes from more efficient input and output markets
  • 6 solar drying stations functioning and used by over 4,000 farmers
  • 4 cooperatives produce cocoa butter, powder and paste and revenue from processing
  • 32 jobs created in the cocoa processing value chain
  • 2,000 farmers gain access to farmer inputs through their cooperative
  • 3 cooperatives gain affordable financing  from financial institutions and cocoa buyers
  • 600 famers gain increased revenue by improving their yields and cocoa bean quality


What's new?

Key facts



Improve cooperative development


Improve cocoa processing and marketing by cooperatives


Improve market linkages

Our results

cocoa business centres services used by
cocoa farmers
increased income for
cocoa products produced by
farmer cooperative

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