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HortIMPACT combines private sector expertise with social impact solutions to build sustainable, inclusive domestic and export horticulture markets in Kenya. Poor food safety, high food losses, and the exclusion of small and medium size farmers from value chains are limiting the economic growth and social benefits of the fruit and vegetable market in Kenya. HortIMPACT is working across horticulture value chains to change this.

Together with entrepreneurial small and medium size farmers, and Kenyan and Dutch Agri-businesses, HortIMPACT promotes innovative solutions and technologies from the private sector that improve production and help build inclusive market growth.

HortIMPACT supports promising business cases from Kenyan and Dutch companies that address: 

  • Inclusion of SME farmers in domestic and export markets
  • Improvement of food safety through integrated crop management practices.
  • Reduction of food losses and improved efficiency in supply chains.

The programme supports private sector agri-business to showcase innovative and commercially proven technologies and services to entreprenurial small and medium size farmers, enabling them to improve productivity, enchance food saftey and reduce post harvest food losses. This in turn supports farmers to secure profitable access to domestic and export markets. The programme also brokers domestic and export market linkages, and builds business networks for small and medium size farmers. 

Through cooperation with national and county government agencies, the programme also aims to formulate and implement policies that support the inclusion of small & medium size farmers, and stimulate market growth. HortIMPACT will share the knowledge and insights gained from these business cases with farmers, domestic and Dutch Agri-business, and policy makers to scale up and extend the approach.

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Promoting inclusion for smallholder farmers


Improving food safety


Reducing post-harvest losses
“Creating a win-win for farmers, agri-business and consumers.“

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