Bangladesh Energy Access to Modernisation Fund (BEAM Fund)

This innovative project aims to reach 10,000 people with clean cooking access across 2,000 households.



With the support of RVO’s EnDev Innovation Window, SNV Bangladesh is implementing the Bangladesh Energy Access to Modernisation (BEAM) Fund in Gazipur & Jhenaidah Districts.

The BEAM fund commenced on 1 November 2021 will run until 31 December 2022. The fund will test the effectiveness of conditional demand-side subsidies to consumers as a means to improve the effectiveness of finance in reaching vulnerable market segments. The innovation will be modelled upon SNV’s global track record and expertise in the delivery of Results-Based Financing (RBF) while integrating elements of retro-fit and conditional cash transfer design principles to enhance a market-driven approach for socially inclusive use of demand-side subsidies.

The innovative project aims to reach 10,000 people with clean cooking access across 2,000 households (1,000 Hh conditional incentive, 1,000 Hh non-conditional incentive). The BEAM Fund will provide a total of € 50,000 in demand-side subsidies to consumers. The innovation is aligned to the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) priorities to promote the practice of stove stacking as a means to achieve universal access to clean cooking by 2030.

The objectives of the BEAM Fund are to:

  1. Test a viable modality for the use of demand-side contribution that places the choice for quality e-cooking options in the hands of vulnerable customer segments;

  2. Establish a roster of quality-assured (QA) e-cooking products in Bangladesh;

  3. Conduct usability surveys for validating product suitability for consumer cooking practices, and

  4. delivery of third-party validation by 60 Decibels for the end-user experience via delivery of Lean Data Surveys.

The Usability and Lean Data surveys will be intended to gauge the extent to which the contribution reached vulnerable consumers. In parallel, SNV will analyse the sales trend of the subsidised consumer markets relative to that of non-subsidised markets of similar socio-economic profiles.

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