Biogas Business Boost Benefitting Farmers (4B-F)

Biogas Business Boost Benefitting Farmers (4B-F)



With more than 12,000 biogas plants installed so far and a potential market of more than 200,000 rural households, the biogas market in Tanzania is still in its infancy stage.

To increase further uptake of this technology and maximization of its benefits, quality assurance of biogas plants is of crucial importance. This project provides incentives to biogas companies for assuring quality and provision of after-sales services. At the same time, it pays incentives to microfinance institutions (MFIs) for providing biogas loans, thereby increasing affordability of biogas. Payments are made with a Results-Based Financing (RBF) approach, after results have been measured and verified by an independent Customer Service Centre. We expect that:

  • 8,175 rural households will benefit from a loan to invest in biogas, providing access to clean energy.

  • More than 60 biogas construction enterprises will provide after-sales services and assure quality for a total of 13,250 biogas plants.

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