Competitiveness & leadership program in the quinoa chain

Competitiveness & leadership program in the quinoa chain

Alicorp is a company whose leadership is based on the adoption of sustainability principles and that seeks to focus increasingly on the development of the communities where it operates. The "Pachacútec" or "Andean grains" project seeks to work with farmer


The group of the "Democratic Local Governance" (GLD) comprises four international NGOs: SNV, Diakonia, Helvetas Swiss Interoperation (HSI) and the Norwegian Church Aid (NEA). GLD has experienced two implementation phases (2005-2007 and 2008-2010 punctuated by a period of extension 2011-2013). GLD is managed by all the organizations, one of which takes the lead by contracting SIDA and the three members.

The overall objective of GLD since its establishment is linked to building the capacity of the Malian civil society for it to become a credible partner in the development of the country and constitute a real counter-power, which could influence actions and policy decisions at different levels in order to improve the accountability and transparency of public actions.

Considering the major developments since 2012 in Mali, GLD group intends, during Phase III of the program, to contribute actively to the consolidation of peace and the reduction of poverty through support for socio-economic development based on a rational, sustainable and inclusive resource management.

Through four goals the program hopes to contribute to changing the attitudes and practices of the various actors who are involved in land governance and exploitation of natural resources. Each objective, named project is taken charge of by a member of the partnership. The latter is the key actor of the project and coaches the others in their respective area.

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