Economic and Trade Infrastructures Development Programme (PDIEM)

The phase two of the Economic and Trade Infrastructure Development Programme (P-DIEM) was signed on 2 July 2018 for a 4- year period.



The Economic and Trade Infrastructure Development Programme (P-DIEM) contributes to local economic and institutional development in 5 of the 12 departments of Benin, driven by the realisation of profitable economic and market infrastructures, for example, rural markets, multi-functional stores, etc.

The P-DIEM project is an initiative of the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) agency executed by SNV for a period of 12 years.

Initiated in June 2013, the P-DIEM has achieved the following results to date:

  • Built 10 major infrastructures, taking into account the needs of women, young people and people with reduced mobility. These infrastructures are composed of

    • Three ordinary markets (Malanville, Glazoué, Péhunco)

    • Two multifunctional shops (Banikoara, Sinendé)

    • Four livestock markets (Tchaourou, Nikki, Kalalé, Gogounou)

    • One bus park (Bohicon)

  • Increased the revenue of municipalities by 200% to 400% thanks to the exploitation of the infrastructures built. Revenues are used to invest in socio-economic project such as building and reparing clinics and schools, water harvesting, and feeder roads.

  • Improved local employment and stimulation of the local economy with improved turnover of infrastructure users.

  • Promotion of local materials, in particular compressed earth bricks (BTC - Briques de Terre Comprimée) :

    • Improved the provision of training in local materials in secondary schools and professional training centres

    • Skills pool in the field of BTC construction

    • Greenhouse gas reduction due to construction with BTC

As the sole implementing operator, SNV coordinates the operational and financial management of the programme, provides advisory support, capacity building and technical support in a logic of skills transfer.

Our donors and partners

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)