Youth Employment for Food Security Improvement (EJASA)



The EJASA project creates opportunities for young people and improves food security in Benin.

The Youth Employment for Food Security Improvement (EJASA) project creates opportunities for young people and improves food security in the regions of Alibori and Antacora in Northern Benin. The project focuses on horticulture, soybean production, and raising small animals such as chickens and goats. Special attention is given to the transformation of food production to increase value and shelf life.

Funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Benin, the project aims to increase the resilience of the populations of Alibori and Atacora through more productive and climate-resilient agriculture that provides opportunities for young people, increases the accessibility to nutritious food products, and contributes to social stability.

Started in October 2020, the project's objective is to increase income for young people, especially women, who work in agriculture by improving productivity through climate-resilient practices and adding value through transformation.

In its first phase, which was concluded in December 2022, EJASA supported 4,300 young people to increase their revenue.

During its second phase and until December 2027, EJASA will support a group of 12,500 young people, especially women, who have limited access to economic opportunities.

Expected results:

  1. Enhancing the employability of young people, allowing them to benefit from commercial and economic opportunities in the agricultural sector;

  2. Supporting young people to adopt more productive and climate-resilient agricultural practices, more efficient processing techniques and establish sustainable trading relationships;

  3. Creating a more favourable and inclusive institutional environment, by lowering entry barriers to agricultural markets for young people and creating opportunities.

Meet our team

Sadda Laouali

Sadda Laouali

Project Manager EJASA
Abdoul Wahab Adjibi Fataou

Abdoul Wahab Adjibi Fataou

Chef Antenne Kandi EJASA
Jesuton Paul Azossi

Jesuton Paul Azossi

Chef Antenne Natitingou EJASA