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This programme has been implemented by SNV since 2013, and its achievements in cooking and off-grid solar energy have demonstrated sector growth.

SNV is the implementing agency for the Energising Development (EnDev) programme in Tanzania. The programme has been under the implementation of SNV since 2013 with demonstrated growth in results achievements in both cooking and off-grid solar energy.


EnDev Tanzania’s approach is market development – expanding the pioneering market in cookstoves for greater access, deeper penetration, and broader service provision, with most cookstoves being sold to disadvantaged women. Building on the previous EnDev phases (2013-23), the programme will continue to hone its market development model throughout 20 regions of mainland Tanzania with three distinct approaches relative to states of regional energy access market development (Establish, Entrench and Evolve).


Specifically, the project objectives include:

  • Establishing our proven cookstove technical and business development approach to cultivate new producers in two new regions (total regions to reach 20 by 2024) and bring 11 emerging markets to pioneering phases. This will include strengthening the supply chain to bolster the production capacity of more durable ICS.

  • Entrenching market penetration of quality improved cookstoves (ICS) in six markets (three existing, three new) from pioneering to expansion phases by refining innovative demand-side behaviour change communication (BCC) strategies paired with results-based financing (RBF) around successful cookstove champions.

  • Evolving market development towards mature phases in our most developed markets by introducing higher-tier cooking (HTC) options. This includes expanding eCooking efforts with the private sector, such as Pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) solar companies and Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) through a EUR 220,000 Clean Cooking Diversification Fund, which will provide small milestone-based grants (for market establishment), paired with per unit sales incentives (for initial sales cost relief).

To ensure the programme contributes to a thriving Clean Cooking sector, through our enabling environment component, EnDev Tanzania will support the Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) and Tanzania Association of Clean Cooking Stakeholders (TAACS), two local associations to be strengthened in their efforts to build a healthy stakeholder network in the country and contribute to important policy discussions.

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