Public Private Partnership Networking (PPP-N) WASH

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A project that addresses the sustainability crisis in rural water supplies in Tanzania's Mara Region.



Since the project started 24,808 people regained access to water and 701 households have been connected to the improved pipe networks.

Public Private Partnership Networking (PPP-N) WASH is a project addressing the sustainability crisis in rural water supplies in Mara Region. Out of the 45 village water schemes, only one is delivering reliable services. All the other schemes are under-performing or broken down and in disuse. The rural water sector reforms separated water regulatory functions from water delivery functions. Making use of this policy opportunity, the project introduces the concept of using an independent private operator (BOMBA MAJI LTD).

PPPN-WASH is a three year project which is based on SNV's previous experiences in addressing accountability issues which underly the functionality and sustainability of water infrastructure, taking this to the next level by establishing a partnership between the private sector, Local Government Authorities (LGA) and communities, represented by Community Owned Water Supply Organizations (COWSOs). Through this PPP arrangement, BOMBA MAJI aims to operate village water schemes on a professional and sustainable basis, by attaining scale through clustering.

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