Sustainable Energy for Productive Use in Dairy and Poultry Value Chains in Ethiopia (SEDP)

The one-year project will pilot three PURE technologies with 2-3 end-user groups per technology:



SNV is implementing a micro-pilot project with funding from the IKEA Foundation to help smallholder dairy and poultry farmers in Ethiopia improve their livelihoods through the productive use of renewable energy (PURE) technologies.

The one-year project is implemented with the technical advisory support of Global SDG7 Hubs, a SELCO Foundation initiative. IT will pilot three PURE technologies with 2-3 end-user groups per technology:

  • Solar-powered poultry houses

  • Cream separators

  • Butter churners

These PURE technologies are expected to improve production and product quality to increase smallholder farmers’ incomes by 10-50% and create a model to scale up these technologies in Ethiopia.

The project aims to test three new renewable energy-driven productive technologies. Also, to gauge the suitable conditions to stimulate appropriate supply and demand and an enabling environment to deploy local context-relevant solutions for small-scale dairy and poultry farmers.

The micro-pilot project is the first phase of an envisioned three-phase programme. Evidence generated during the micro-pilot will serve as the basis for a follow-on pilot phase where the technologies and approaches will be trialled among a representative number of end users and evaluated for impact. The validated technologies will then be scaled and replicated in a 3–5-year programme to achieve the greatest potential for impact.

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