15 July webinars feature SNV experts and CEO Meike van Ginneken

Screen with webinar

On 15 July, SNV will lend its expertise in at least three webinars. Below you will find more information on these webinars and the SNV experts representing the organisation in these online events.

14:00 CEST | 15.00 Addis Ababa | 08:00 EST

"It can’t be normal: inequalities in water, sanitation and hygiene service levels, the COVID-19 response and the future"

This panel discussion and interactive networking session, focused on experiences during the crisis in low-income country contexts explores how inequalities in WASH play out in this pandemic, why the SDGs are more relevant than ever and what we should do in the short and medium term.

While improving hygiene and practicing social distancing is difficult for many of us, it is harder for people with low service levels, or using communal or shared WASH services. It is a challenge in rural areas and low-income urban settlements, and within those areas even more so for women and people with disability.

WASH Global Sector Head Antoinette Kome will represent SNV in this online event.

15:30-17:00 CEST

"Reforming the investment climate to respond to the COVID-19 crisis in African, Caribbean and Pacific States"

Beyond its negative economic impact, the current crisis could be an opportunity for investment climate reform in ACP countries. The webinar provides guidance to policymakers and practitioners on how to turn the current environment into an opportunity to boost their economies.

The webinar is offered by the Investment Climate Reform (ICR) Facility. After the webinar, there will be opportunities for government agencies from ACP Countries¹ to seek further one-on-one assistance through remote support.

Aspects to be discussed include:

  • How the current crisis provides opportunities to carry out long due reforms.

  • Appraising the business environment and its readiness to better absorb the economic shocks triggered by the crisis.

  • Prioritizing, designing and managing reforms to respond to the crisis.

SNV's Diego Borrero will lead the discussion in this online event.

16:00-17:15 CEST

"Sharing civil society experiences in adapting evidence-based advocacy"

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the way our world operates. How can civil society use evidence-based advocacy to effectively contribute to inclusive recovery ensuring sustainable food, energy and water, sanitation and hygiene services in this “new normal”?

This webinar will highlight how the programme adapted (in proactive and reactive ways) by finding innovative solutions to continue engaging with policymakers on the issues they advocate for. The speakers will share concrete examples on the ground, followed by an analysis of the global relevance of evidence-based advocacy from the discussants.

SNV CEO Meike van Ginneken will join the panel in this online event.