23 to 27 August: SNV at World Water Week 2021

SNV to underscore the imperatives of gender equality and social inclusion in building more resilient futures during World Water Week 2021.

BCC session focused on HWWS in Dailekh (SNV in Nepal)

‘World Water Week is not just the leading annual conference on global water issues, it is also a powerful movement for change.’

Catch SNV gender and social inclusion experts and proponents of transformative change join in the call for creativity and out-of-the-box development thinking in water, sanitation and hygiene. Together, we can overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, build resilience faster, and take concrete actionable steps for equitable and climate-resilient development.

See schedule of activities below, our list of partners, and learn about the topics we’re raising during the digital event.

Monday 23 August

Leading for leaving no one behind – it’s time to reset (07:00-08:00 CET) | DFAT | Australian Water Partnership | iDE | ISF-UTS | Plan International | SNV | Water for Women

Tshering Choden, SNV in Bhutan GESI specialist to elaborate on Bhutan’s success in curbing the spread of COVID-19 under the transformative leadership of national and district-level government officials. During the session, ISF-UTS will present the key findings of its joint gender transformative leadership research with SNV, and launch the latest SNV-ISF-UTS learning brief on the subject.

Training of trainers in Bhutan (SNV/Aidan Dockery)

Tuesday 24 August

Gender transformative leadership in WASH: Voices from Asia (11:30-11:55 CET) | ISF-UTS | SNV | Water for Women

Megan Ritchie, SNV Managing Director for WASH and countries and Gabrielle Halcrow, Multi-country Programme Manager of SNV’s Beyond the Finish Line programme to join ISF-UTS and leaders from Bhutan, Lao PDR and Nepal emphasise how gender transformative leadership enables societies that are more representative, resilient, and equitable.

Inclusive communities are more climate resilient – fact of fiction? (13:00-14:00 CET) | Australian Pacific Climate Partnership | DFAT | Australian Water Partnership | ISF-UTS | IWC | Plan International | SNV | UNESCO | Water for Women

Sunetra Lala, SNV in Nepal WASH Sector Leader to argue for increased and meaningful partnerships with Disabled People’s Organisations as an imperative to take greater strides in strengthening governance and people with disabilities’ access to rural water services.

From risks to returns: WEFE Nexus solutions for climate resilience (15:00-16:00 CET) | GIZ | UNECE | IDB| SNV | Deltares| Nepal Academy of Science and Technology | RES4Africa

Albert Bokkestijn, SNV's DFCD programme manager, to contribute to discussions around reframing policies and projects in the water, energy and agricultural sectors, and how to capture the intrinsic interlinkages between resources, while factoring in environmental criteria.

Making first line of defense accessible to the furthest behind (15:30-15:55 CET) | Amref | Plan International | Simavi | SNV

SNV to co-organise session that showcases how Dutch funding is being used to ensure that people and communities in vulnerable situations are being reached by COVID-19 prevention measures_._

Wednesday 25 August

Shift the balance: WASH COVID-19 responses that enhance (gender) equality (08:00-09:00 CET) | Amref | Plan International | Simavi | SNV | WAI | WASH SDG Consortium

Merelin Keka Adhikari, SNV in Bangladesh WASH Advisor to join panel discussion that will weigh in on the importance of adaptive and responsive programming in addressing changed situations and contexts, while ensuring that programmes stay on course in their commitment to equitable, sustainable and inclusive development.

Values as the spark: Changing power dynamics, better water decisions (13:00-14:25 CET) | Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority | Government of the Netherlands | IUCN | University of Cambridge | University of Leeds | World Bank Group | World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Lucy Fulgence, Deputy Country Director of SNV in Tanzania to join panellists reflect on how power and power structures drive decision making on water and how values are integral in addressing water dilemmas going forward.

How sustainability compacts contribute to institutional sustainability (18:00-19:25 CET) | Amref | Government of the Netherlands | IRC | Plan International | Simavi | SNV | WAI | WASH SDG Consortium

Sharon Roose, SNV Senior WASH Advisor and Rajeev Munankami, Multi-country Programme Manager of SNV’s WASH SDG programme to facilitate a breakout session on experience with and views on the application of the sustainability compact and checks.

Friday 27 August

Why collaboration matters: Lessons from partnerships for WASH and IWRM (11:00-12:00 CET) | Blue Deal consortia | Government of the Netherlands | WASH SDG Consortium | WaterWorX

Sharon Roose to reflect on the WASH SDG programme's application of gender equality and social inclusion approaches, and engage in dialogue on the usefulness and effectiveness of Communities of Practice (CoPs) in effecting changes in WASH and IWRM.