6.4 Million Lives Improved

6.4 Million Lives Improved

The results are in!


In 2017, SNV improved the lives of 6.4 million people through our AgricultureEnergy and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) activities.

These results demonstrate that we are well on our way to reaching 18 million persons in the strategic period of 2016-2018. So far, 12.5 million people were impacted since 2016.

For Agriculture, 1.4 million people gained increased income through our projects, 162,000 people increased their resilience to climate change, and another 175,000 persons increased their food security and nutrition.

Taking us one step closer to realising SDG 7 (renewable energy for all), half a million (532,000) persons now have access to off-grid solar, another 198,000 persons have access to clean cooking, and 72,000 have biodigesters.

An impressive number of people gained access to their basic right to water (677,000) and improved sanitation (2.9 million). An additional 1.9 million people are now practising handwashing with soap.

Notably, our impact extends past the direct benefits of the numbers above. Our projects kick-start markets, strengthen institutions, and establish enabling legal and policy environments.

These results were achieved thanks to the collective work of all SNV staff working in 26 countries globally.