With biogas, nothing goes to waste


SNV Zimbabwe recently kicked off an awareness-raising campaign on the benefits of biogas. Aimed at sensitising a wide audience, it uses a mobile information trailer resembling a kitchen to showcase the use and application of biogas.

The following is an excerpt from a story originally published in the News Day, a national newspaper:

Iinside the Zimbabwe Domestic Biogas Programme (ZDBP) information trailer, the flame on the biogas stove suddenly flares and flickers as if blown by the wind. The mobile information trailer, designed to resemble a kitchen, is connected to a biogas digester built underground, which converts cow dung into biogas that can be used for cooking, heating and lighting.

Upon seeing the dancing flames, Sibongile Mandarira (35), a teacher based in Masvingo, lights up. “Until today, I had only read about biogas technology, but this experience is a real eye opener. I saw how it actually works. I’ve already made up my mind to install a digester at my rural home because it is smart,” she said, the brightness of her eyes betraying her curiosity.

“I will use biogas for breeding chickens and lighting chicken runs. I will also use it for cooking and refrigeration.” Mandarira said that prior to visiting the information trailer, which was stationed at the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) exhibition stand at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), she did not know much about biogas technology. Despite the fact that biogas has great potential to increase access to clean, reliable and affordable energy in Zimbabwe, particularly in rural areas, the technology remains novel to many people.

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