BRILHO programme lights 33,000 rural, off-grid homes in Mozambique

Watching TV with a solar home system

People living in off-grid communities in Mozambique often do not have access to any form of electricity services. However, the BRILHO, Energy Africa project is helping to change this by facilitating 33,000 households across Mozambique to light their homes with solar home systems.

The following is the story of the Jossefa family who has purchased a solar home system under this initiative.

Naftal Jossefa is a farmer living with his wife and four children in a small village close to the Homoine district, in southern Mozambique where he owns some agricultural land and a church. For decades Naftal has lived with no electricity supply at home during nighttime. At night, he would stay huddled with his family in fear of the dark. 'We used to light candles at night, but sometimes it would run out in the middle of a meal. We also used to burn grass so that we could cook at night', said Naftal.

The village community that has lived there for decades does not expect access to grid electricity connection any time soon. However, the provision of a solar home system is bringing winds of change for the people of Golo including Naftal’s family. In 2020 his family started to receive electricity services through a solar home system. Before the solar home system was installed at his home, Naftal was uncertain about installing this technology, however, but he decided that he no longer wanted to live without light at his home.

‘We no longer have to stay in darkness at night. With solar power, my children can study for longer at home. We can charge our mobile phones, watch TV and listen to the news on the radio ’, he added.

Customers can select from several solar home system sizes and functional capabilities ranging from basic lighting and mobile phone charging to a larger version that can power a TV. In the beginning, Naftal was using a smaller system that allowed him to charge his mobile phone and light three lamps. But he soon decided to upgrade it, and he now has a system that includes a small colour TV.

'I needed to upgrade for more options. I wanted a TV so that I can see what is happening in the world and watch interesting programmes. At night we are can now keep some lights on all night. We are very happy to have the light at home. This was far from my dreams', he added.

The BRILHO programme aims to provide cooking solutions, solar home systems, and green mini-grids making clean and affordable power solutions available to off-grid populations and businesses.

By June 2021, BRILHO has reached over 33,000 clients/households across the country with a solar home system, enabling them to get access to electricity services.

Written by Adérito Bié and edited by Sinead Crane