Creating sanitation awareness through District Open Days in Rwanda

Sanitation information stand during the District Open Days event

The residents of Ngoma District are re-evaluating the sanitation facilities in their homes following a thought-provoking Open Day held in the District in March 2017 .

Gikuriro, a USAID – funded program, implemented by SNV and Catholic Relief Services that seeks to promote improved outcomes in nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene had a stand at the event. Murekatete Agnes, a mother of four children, visited the Gikuriro stand and was surprised to learn the importance of hygiene measures she often took for granted. She had this to say;

“We didn’t know that toilets need to be covered. But after talking to the Gikuriro team and seeing the model toilet, I am now going home to inform my husband about this and make a similar lid for our latrine. I now know that this practice will prevent flies from contaminating our food, and we won’t get sick anymore!”

The Ngoma District mayor who attended the Open Day acknowledged the partnership between the District and its development Partners.

“We took time to visit, monitor and evaluate the GIKURIRO program activities together in the field before undertaking this open day, and we all recognized the efforts made to improve the implementation of activities,” Nambaje Aphrodise - Ngoma District Mayor said, citing the involvement of various District stakeholders present, including Gikuriro Program implementing partners, CRS and SNV.