DFCD supporting improved water supply in Indonesia

SNV has signed with PT N-Three to provide a grant and technical assistance package.

PT N-Three signing

Last week, SNV signed a grant agreement and technical assistance package as part of the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development, to support improved water supply in West Java, Indonesia.

The agreement is with PT N-Three, a private company engaged primarily in the provision of bulk water supply to the local government water utilities of West Bandung. West Bandung needs new water sources and additional investments in water infrastructure to adapt to climate change. The region has increasingly seen periods of droughts leading to water resource stress and water crisis. The project seeks to provide clean water to 160,000 people in West Java, aligns with the Indonesian National Adaptation Plan and the country’s updated nationally determined contribution, and is expected to mobilise €12 million of private capital.

PT N-Three CEO, Nabil Wareeth, says: 'The origination phase is exciting, challenging, and a new experience to deal with an international major organisation with high integrity and plenty of good guidance and procedures, where N3 will learn a lot from SNV. The project will raise the hygienic water supply for West Bandung as well as will fill the water requirements for the people and the need for commercial and residential area.'

PT N-Three signing

SNV signs to provide a grant and technical assistance package to PT N-Three in Indonesia

You can read more about PT N-Three here.

Visit the PT N-Three website.

About the DFCD

The DFCD is a EUR 160 million climate and development fund sponsored by the Dutch government to implement climate change adaptation projects in emerging Asia and Africa countries.

The Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO) leads the fund together with Climate Fund Manager (CFM), World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands (WWF-NL) and SNV.

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