DFCD supports crucial clean water initiative in Mekong Delta

In the Can Giuoc district, the main water sources—tap water, rainwater, and well water—sustain the community. Yet, the spectre of climate change looms, threatening reliable access to sufficient and safe water, particularly during dry seasons.

In July 2023, with the support from DFCD, the Can Giuoc District People's Committee started to collaborate with SNV with Climate Fund Managers (CFM), CA Water, and CANWACO to carry out an assessment of WASH and other water-related issues in Can Giuoc District, where a potential project to supply water from brackish water will be piloted. The survey was conducted in eight communes in both upper and lower areas, targeting 800 samples, including about 630 households and 170 non-households such as education centres, health care facilities, businesses, and industrial factories.

With the support of the Phuoc Lam Commune People's Committee and Phuoc Vinh Tay Commune People's Committee,  two training sessions were held in August for 16 surveyors who are youth union members from nearby communes to introduce the content and usage of smartphones and software to conduct the survey. With the advantage of youth, union members quickly absorbed knowledge about water supply, sanitation, and the environment and were ready to conduct surveys in their communes.

Door-to-door interviews

The water storage tanks for people living in the district

The data will be aggregated and analysed to provide an overview of the current WASH situation with the needs, triggers, and challenges, as well as meaningful recommendations for local authorities to develop infrastructure and public services that would be expected to improve the living conditions for local people in terms of clean water, sanitation and environment. A brief report is expected to be finalised and shared with local authorities by mid-September. Based on the survey results, CFM will provide investment to CA Water and CANWACO to build a clean water supply plant and water reservoir in the Can Giuoc district.

In summary, DFCD's support drives collaboration, innovation, and tangible progress. This endeavour highlights collective efforts to overcome challenges, turning aspirations into practical achievements.

Can Giuoc district

Can Giuoc district is located in the southeast of Long An province, is the gateway connecting Long An with Ho Chi Minh City and other Mekong Delta provinces through the waterway and land transportation system, including National Highway 50, waterway traffic from the East Sea through the Soai Rap river linked to the Can Giuoc River and other river systems in the Mekong Delta region. Can Giuoc is planned to become a satellite town of Ho Chi Minh City, aiming to be an ecological town that adapts to climate change, the centre of economic development, trade, service, industry, and port service in the southern region of Long An.

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