DFID and SNV to improve energy access to 1.5M people in Mozambique

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SNV and partners launched the new renewable energy programme entitled BRILHO - Energy Africa in Mozambique on July 26.

BRILHO has been initiated to improve and increase energy access to 1.5 million people and 15,000 businesses in Mozambique. Funded by UK Aid, SNV leads the 22.8-million-pound project with Practical Action Consulting, MARGE and GreenLight.

In Mozambique, it is estimated that only 30% of the population has access to electricity leaving over 20 million people reliant on inefficient lighting and energy solutions. This innovative new project aims to increase access using a market development approach. By leveraging the private sector's innovation and investment capacity, it will, in turn, result in the market growth of clean cooking solutions, solar home systems, and mini-grids.

Over 150 guests attended the launch event held in Maputo where delegates heard from an esteemed panel of speakers. Deputy British High Commissioner, Dr. Alexandra Sheppard, said during her speech that “Mozambique has an enormous opportunity and potential for off-grid energy” and added that “BRILHO is the main vehicle for the UK Energy Africa Campaign in Mozambique which aims to expand access to off-grid clean energy products and supplying related services to rural communities and companies in Mozambique”.

Mozambique’s Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Dr. Augusto de Sousa Fernando, stated that “in order to meet expectations of the Mozambican population, his Government will continue to encourage the entry of new actors with off-grid energy solutions”.

Deputy British High Commissioner, Alexandra Sheppard

Deputy British High Commissioner, Alexandra Sheppard

Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Dr de Sousa Fernando

Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Dr de Sousa Fernando

To guarantee that Mozambique has better access to sustainable, cost-effective and high-quality energy solutions BRILHO has four distinct components of action. These include:

  • Market development fund and technical assistance for financing and supporting new businesses entering the market as well as already established and expanding companies.

  • Demand activation and awareness-raising with rural consumers on the benefits of modern energy solutions.

  • Research and dissemination to improve the availability of relevant information to the private and public sector decision-makers on the supply and demand of off-grid energy in Mozambique.

  • A policy reform and institutional strengthening component with a view to achieving a regulatory content that inspires confidence, clarity, and incentives for the off-grid sector in Mozambique.

SNV has over 50 years’ experience of implementing renewable energy projects across Asia, Africa and Latin America. Taking a market-based approach we work with public and private partners to develop energy markets for biodigesters, clean cooking and off-grid electricity.

SNV implements projects across Mozambique with a dedicated and professional national and international workforce and has offices in Nampula, Lichinga, Quelimane, Balama and Maputo. In 2018, SNV’s programme impacted approximately 340,143 people (66,695 households). To learn more about our activities in Mozambique please visit the country page.

For more information about this programme, please contact the BRILHO programme lead, Javier Ayala Arnez, jayala@snv.org. To see more of the official launch event, please visit our photo story.