Driving systems transformation through clean energy in Mozambique

Mozambique, a nation in southeast Africa, finds itself at the intersection of the climate crisis, with devastating floods, droughts, and cyclones affecting its central and northern regions. Limited access to electricity hinders progress, leaving over 20 million people reliant on inefficient and high-carbon energy sources. However, a transformative movement is underway, bringing clean and affordable energy solutions to Mozambique and empowering its communities.

Empowering communities with sustainable energy

In the face of these challenges, sustainable development initiatives such as BRILHO drive positive change in Mozambique. Through innovative solutions like Improved Cooking Systems, Solar Home Systems, and Green Mini-Grids, efforts are underway to provide access to clean and affordable energy for Mozambique's off-grid population and businesses. These initiatives aim to enhance energy access, foster economic growth, and improve the overall quality of life.

The transformative story of Naftal Jossefa

Naftal Jossefa, a farmer and father of four children in a small village near the Homoine district, lived without electricity for years. The absence of light after sunset limited opportunities for his family, relying on candles and burning grass for lighting and cooking. However, through the BRILHO project, a solar home system brought a remarkable change to the Jossefa family and 33,000 households across Mozambique. With the solar home system, the Jossefa family bid farewell to darkness, enjoying extended study hours, charging their mobile phones, and accessing news and entertainment. BRILHO's impact on households like Jossefa's exemplifies the transformative power of clean energy solutions.

Unlocking clean energy sources through impact driven finance

BRILHO's success lies in its innovative approach to finance—impact-driven finance. By leveraging structured non-reimbursable funding and co-investment mechanisms, the program encourages energy providers to invest in Mozambique, de-risking their entry into the market. In just two years, active energy providers increased from four to 24, establishing a presence in every province. Private sector partners play a crucial role; every euro invested is matched with approximately three euros from the private sector. This strategic financial model expands access to clean energy and nurtures a sustainable and inclusive market in Mozambique.

Enabling policy frameworks and awareness

Creating an enabling environment is crucial for scaling and sustaining the off-grid energy market. SNV is actively working with the government in Mozambique to establish clear regulations and incentives. This collaboration ensures clarity and confidence for new market entrants, facilitating private investments. Furthermore, extensive awareness campaigns are underway to educate the population about the practical benefits of solar energy and alternative cooking methods, empowering individuals to embrace clean energy solutions.

Positive progress and future outlook

Thanks to sustainable development initiatives such as BRILHO, Mozambique has made significant progress in its journey towards universal energy access. Through initiatives such as Improved Cooking Solutions and Solar Home Systems, hundreds of thousands of Mozambicans have already gained access to clean energy, resulting in substantial CO2 savings. As the off-grid solar electrification sector continues to grow and strategic finance mobilises further investments, Mozambique is on track to achieve its vision of a brighter and sustainable future for all.

Universal energy access

Since its launch in 2019, BRILHO has connected 153,000 Mozambicans with solar home systems and improved cooking solutions, saving over 175,000 tonnes of CO2. By the end first quarter of 2023, the BRILHO programme has reached a total of 1.3 million Mozambicans, nationwide, with access to electric and thermal energy, of which 917,860 people benefited from solar systems and 444,005 people benefited from improved cooking solutions, also contributing to the reduction of over 300,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This halfway milestone demonstrates the programmes's positive impact on reducing climate change and advancing universal energy access. With a growing off-grid solar electrification sector and the mobilisation of impact-driven finance, BRILHO is confident in contributing to Mozambique's journey towards achieving sustainable development and universal energy access by 2030.


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