EDD: Reducing poverty and inequality with social enterprises

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Great strides have been made in reducing global poverty rates during the last few decades. The benefits of economic development do not always reach all groups equally. Some groups, such as women, young people, people in rural areas or ethnic minorities, can be left behind and even be excluded from reaping the benefits of this development.

Social change and inclusive growth are needed to achieve sustainable development for all. How can we support this development? Must this change be driven by the government, public agencies and NGOs? What is the role the private sector can play? This issue is discussed during the European Development Days at the session on Social Enterprises.

Together with the European Commission, the British Council and International Trade Centre, SNV will host a session that will showcase approaches that use market-based approaches and company based initiatives from the Sahel region to support social change and create sustainable, inclusive growth.

SNV will be represented by Jean Muthamia-Mwenda, Global Youth Coordinator. She will be discussing SNV's successful Opportunities for Youth Employment product that has created meaningful employment for more than 20,000 young people to date, with a particular focus on the EJOM project.

The European Commission will be represented by Didier Versé, DG for International Cooperation and Development. The British Council by Paula Woodman, Head of Social Enterprise and ITC by Simone Cipriani, Chief Technical Advisor, Ethical Fashion Initiative.

The event will take place on 19 June, 13:00 - 14:15hrs in room D4.

More information about the session can be found on the site of the European Development Days.