EJOM project kicks-off technical training


Technical training in the Koulikoro district started on 29 October, after OYEM project participants completed their basic training in business management and life skills. During the training sessions we interviewed several participants

The technical training started with modules on waste management, followed by horticulture. The initial sessions brought together 88 young people, including 49 men and 39 women.

Waste management

The waste management skills training focused on two specific topics: composting and pre-collection. The trainers provided the young people with knowledge and techniques for mastering these trades. In composting, the young people learned about waste, sorting, the composting process and the use of compost. The practical course for pre-collection focused on collection equipment, the importance of using protective equipment, logistics and transport, waste disposal as well as customer (household) search techniques.


Zakaria Koné (27 years), Bachelor in Agropastoralism

"Today I am a happy man, thanks to OYEM I am fulfilling my dream of having my own company in the field of pre-waste collection. The project has helped me to develop my business management, and life skills as well as waste management skills. Thanks to the support of the project, I will be better equipped to develop my activity. I hope to be able to hire other young people who are unemployed in the future".


Initiation of young people to sorting, by professor Seydou

Traoré Seydou, OYEM trainer and professor of Circular economics & Waste management: "I very much appreciate the OYEM project strategy. It effectively fights youth unemployment, unlike many other projects working in the same field, OYEM equips young people with technical skills and installation kits that allows them to start their company or employment immediately after training."


Fatim Fomba (38 years) Training Secretary

"I am very satisfied. For the first time, I learned composting techniques. This training gives me a strong desire to start my own business. It will enable me to no longer be unemployed and be a young entrepreneur ".


During the five days of horticulture training, the participants learned about good horticulture practices, soil preparation, spatial planning and fencing, grafting methods as well as the maintenance of cultures in theory and practice.


Demonstration of grafting technique

Benjamen Dacko (25 years), Bachelor's degree in Sustainable Agriculture: "I have always wanted to have my own business. Thanks to OYEM this dream is now becoming a reality."


Maimouna Bagayoko (34 years), Marketeer of horticulture products

"I am involved in the marketing of horticultural products, but thanks to the training I became passionate about growing food myself. I want more than anything else to get started and increase my income."

Level of youth satisfaction

At the end of the training a survey was conducted to determine the level of satisfaction of young people according to the results, all participating young people surveyed said they were satisfied of very satisfied with the training programme. The reasons they gave amongst others were the quality of the training and the commitment of the trainers.

  • Training materials are easy to use;

  • The easy language of the trainers;

  • Interaction during the training;

  • The use of concrete and practical examples for an easier understanding.