First-ever advanced biomass cookstoves introduced in Laos

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Vientiane, 26 May 2017 - With support of the EnDev-funded project ‘Market Acceleration for Advanced Clean Cookstoves in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region’, the SNV team in Laos has successfully introduced the first locally-made Advanced Biomass Cookstove (ABC) model in the Laotian market. This is the first-ever introduction of an ABC in Laos that is significantly cleaner, safer, and more fuel-efficient than traditional alternatives. This exciting development heralds in a new chapter in the clean cooking space in Laos, and broadens options for consumers to access better cooking appliances.

The project builds on the successful ‘Lao Improved Cookstove Programme’ that has seen the dissemination of more than 150,000 improved cookstoves (ICS) in recent years. The project stimulates local actors to become involved in the production and distribution of ABCs.

Local cookstove producers are extremely excited about the opportunity of producing these stoves and firmly believe in the market potential, particularly as these stoves are fully in line with local cooking habits, and meet consumers’ willingness to pay.

The project also builds on existing local manufacturing capacities and distribution networks. Initially, four production centres received training on the production techniques and have now set-up production lines that can produce up to 100 stoves per week. Additional production centres will be added step-by-step to ensure consistent quality stoves are made.

As with the ICS project, the local ‘Renewable Energy and New Materials Institute’ (RENMI) stove testing centre will once again be tasked with quality assurance of produced stoves, offering a quality label for cookstoves that pass stringent quality criteria to help consumers recognise the stove as a high quality product.

The new advanced cookstoves are now available at a number of stove retailers in and around Vientiane, and will soon come to additional provinces.


Newly introduced Advanced Biomass Cookstoves in retail store in Vientiane, Laos

‘Renewable Energy and New Materials Institute’ (RENMI) stove testing centre

‘Renewable Energy and New Materials Institute’ (RENMI) stove testing centre