Helping stakeholders to achieve results

Helping stakeholders to achieve results

The SWITCH-Asia Seminar on "Measuring and reporting project results and networking with regional finance institutions" was held from 15 – 17 May 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand, in which staff from the project titled "Sustainable consumption and production of mango and tomato products"participated and presented their findings.

This event was designed in order to help relevant stakeholders with day to day implementation of project activities. All SWITCH-Asia ongoing projects and EU delegations attended the meeting.

SNV staff and members of the project "Sustainable consumption and production of tomato and mango products in Bangladesh", Mahbub Ullah, Project Coordinator and Kazi Md Safwat Hossain, Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor attended this event. The event provided all with the opportunity to gain information of Sustainable consumption and production related result indicators as well as SWITCH-Asia project results indicator framework, bring our own experiences in measuring and reporting project results as  feedback to the proposed SWITCH-Asia indicator framework, interactive sessions with experts, trainers and other fellow SWITCH-Asia projects on measuring and reporting methods and strategy, as well as on blending mechanism in project financing, and networking with other SWITCH-Asia projects and stakeholders.

The EU SWITCH-Asia II programme is designed to work with the respective beneficiaries in different stages. It focuses on successful engagement with the respective supply chain actors (5,000 mango farmers/smallholding growers, 5,000 tomato farmers, and agro-food processing companies) to bring substantial change to tomato and mango processed food, i.e. juices, sauces, jams, jellies, pickles etc. The programme targets the over 12 million consumers in the Dhaka district, and other national associations and public agencies that are active in the horticulture sub-sector of the country.