Improving shrimp farming productivity by enhancing information access

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On 25 April, the Mangroves and Markets (MAM) project organised a workshop at the Nhung Mien and Kien Vang forestry management board in Ngoc Hien District in Ca Mau Provinc to help improve the productivity of mangrove shrimp farming by applying improved farming techniques and enhancing information access.

Local shrimp farmers, agricultural extension workers and farmers association representatives were trained on the use of the Tom Rung software, which was developed by GTO Software Company with funding from the MAM project. The software provides users with information on water quality, specifically salinity and alkalinity as well as data on diseases, helping farmers to limit water quality related risks. It also gives users information on market prices and weather forecasts. Correct market price information helps farmers to decide on selling prices and weather forecasts can inform their decisions on shrimp stocking.

During the workshop, mr. Le Dinh Huynh, SNV MAM project coordinator, shared results from a research study on shrimp stocking density and the use of probiotics to improve productivity. The study was conducted by dr. Vu Anh Tuan, head of the Research Sub-Institute For Nam Song Hau Fisheries, with support funding from MAM and the UN-REDD Ca Mau projects. The study was conducted on 18 farmes in 2104 - 2015 and on 48 shrimp farming households in 2017 - 2018. Six households were in the control group, other households were in the experimental group.

Group of people at conference
Group of people at conference

Participants, particularly, shrimp farmers expressed a strong interest in the Tom Rung software. They said it is very useful and the fastest, easiest way for them to get information on the disease situation, and helps them take timely steps to improve their pond care. “It is a very easy-to-use and effective tool that we have never had access to before.” Thai Hoa Nam, a shrimp farmer, said. Participants, also appreciated the study results. Trinh Hoan Phi, a shrimp farmer, said that the study shows that the use of probiotic is effective in boosting productivity. “My neighbor has used probiotic and his shrimp productivity has increased significantly,” he added.