Join us at COP22: Scaling innovative solutions for mitigation & adaptation

Join us at COP22: Scaling innovative solutions for mitigation & adaptation

Agriculture and energy contribute substantially to carbon emissions, in particular through intensive food production and combustion of fuels for cooking and lighting. Meanwhile, low-income groups are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change as extreme weather events, food and water scarcity, pest and disease attacks on crops, and rising sea levels cause poor harvests, food shortages, price shocks and environmental degradation. Businesses are also impacted by climate change, since they require resilient and sustainable supply chain sourcing.

Building resilience and developing strategies for mitigation at scale are essential for protecting livelihoods and natural resources. And to do so, innovative approaches are needed.

Our Climate, Business & Landscapes approach balances economic and social development with reduced climate impact across the agriculture and energy sectors. By working jointly with smallholders, businesses and governments, we design and deliver eco-system based adaptation and low-emission interventions that are scalable and benefit low-income groups and businesses.

Join our side event at COP22

  • Discover how technology and private sector mechanisms have transformed the ways in which low-income and rural communities can adapt their livelihoods to the realities of climate change. In partnership with business and government, these groups are now using satellite, drone and mobile technology to become more climate responsive.

  • Explore a series of innovations we are implementing in developing countries across Africa and Asia. Insights and tools from various cases will be shared and discussed.

  • Find out how technology supports private sector businesses in managing climate risks, and governments in scaling adaptation and resilience initiatives, including last-mile renewable energy solutions and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

  • Engage in a moderated panel discussion and face-to-face conversations with technology innovators, business leaders and policy makers.

We are organising the event in cooperation with Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) and the Government of Cameroon.

Meet our speakers

Get a glimpse of the cases:

  • Sustainable Palm Oil Programme: using mobile technology and drones to enhance the sustainability of farm management practices and reduce the impact on forest areas.

  • Bright Lights for Benin: partnering with businesses for Pay-As-You-Go models and using mobile technology to bring solar energy to low-income rural communities and mitigate climate change.

When and where?

The session will take place on 15 November 2016 from 15.00-16.30 in Arabian Room. See you in Marrakesh!

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Listen to the event recording

You can listen to a recording of this event here.