Join us at COP23: Creating sustainable access to clean, affordable energy

Join us at COP23: Creating sustainable access to clean, affordable energy

It is expected that climate change will push an additional 100 million people into poverty if worldwide efforts are not intensified. Not surprisingly, creating climate change resilience and mitigation are part and parcel of SNV's mission to alleviate poverty.

Our Clean Cooking & Heating and Off-grid Electricity approaches create social and health benefits for families, while reducing their dependency on polluting energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our Climate, Business & Landscapes approach balances economic benefits for farmers and businesses while increasing farmers' resilience to climate change, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, protecting forest-lands and creating deforestation free supply chains.

Join our side-event at COP23:  Transformational pathways towards universal energy access.

Tom Derksen, Managing Director Energy Sector, will attend COP23 in Bonn together with experts from the SNV Agriculture and Energy sectors. At the event, SNV also will host a side-event:

  • Discover more about practical solutions to create energy transition pathways (including both electricity access and clean cooking), which link to policymaking and integrated energy planning models to achieve transformational change for SDG7, universal energy access;

  • Explore different country perspectives regarding the use of energy change pathways in practice. SNV will present a selection of examples from practical experience in off-grid energy and cross-sectoral projects aiming for market transformation;

  • Hear from PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, about their recent report on the technology and investment requirements needed to achieve universal access. The report “Towards universal electricity access in Sub-Saharan Africa - A quantitative analysis of technology and investment requirements” is available online.

Meet our panelists

The side event is moderated by Clare Shakya, Climate Change group director at IIED

When and where?

The side-event will be held in the IRENA Pavilion on Friday, 10 November 2017 at 11.00hrs. For more information, please contact Edu Willemse, Market Development Manager for Energy.

Read our blogs and updates about our work to create access to clean affordable energy:

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Join EnDev's side event: Climate change action through decentralized energy solutions – local, people-centric and renewable”

The side event discusses the potential of decentralized renewable energy solutions for climate mitigation policies and universal access to energy. For international climate policy to succeed, low carbon development strategies must become more decentralized, inclusive and people oriented, addressing the needs of the 1.1 billion people lacking access to electricity..

The panelists will discuss ideas and concepts of decentralized energy solutions and how to capitalize on these concepts for the global climate action agenda (GCAA).

When and where?

This event will take place in the Bonn zone, Delegation Pavilion Germany B.03, Side Event Room (accreditation needed) on Saturday, 11th November 2017 at  4:30 hrs.

Meet the Panellists

Further information

Find the corresponding news article on EnDev's website, and the official announcement.


Please note: as the side event takes place within the Bonn zone, all visitors need an accreditation for entering the venue kindly RSVP to kirstin.bretthauer@giz.de

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