Launch of pilot project to explore the potential of compost generated biodigesters

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The launch workshop for a pilot project focusing on the economic potential of compost generated by household biodigesters took place on Tuesday March 2 in Kandi.

The scope of the activity focuses on household biodigesters in the departments of Borgou and Alibori. High ranking officials including the Prefect of Alibori and the political and administrative authorities of the two departments attended the event.

The project which is called Piloting Biogas towards National Scaling is an initiative of SNV and the NGO International Energy For Impact (E4Impact). The project will last for a period of 2 years from November 2020 to October 2022.The main objective is to support the Government of Benin in the implementation of the national biodigester programme on a larger scale through more efficient and sustainable market mechanisms.

Three specific objectives underpin this project:

  • The development of an economic market for compost made from effluent produced as by product of biodigesters;

  • Improving agricultural yields through the use of compost;

  • Reducing the effects of deforestation.

In his opening speech, the prefect of Alibori welcomed and supported the project objectives. He expressed his interest and his willingness to support the project and he also urged all the stakeholders to work together to achieve these goals. The stakeholders involved in this initiative include agro-pastoralists using biodigesters, microfinance institutions, non-governmental organisations, and the private sector.