Leadership enhancement through capacity building


In 2015 Zimbabwe kicked off the first ever Leadership Enhancement Action Programme (LEAP+) for Southern Africa. This programme, with the participation of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique, aims to enhance required competencies, capabilities and the capacity of social entrepreneurs and their organisations.

At a time when poverty in Africa is rising and the continent is struggling to reduce it, we need to unite and work together to improve the situation. Leadership is required in Africa to address this at all levels and LEAP+ is the way towards this vision. SNV recognises the importance and prominent role of local service providers in development interventions and project implementation. Through our senior advisors and our knowledge of leadership programmes, we will invest time and skills to enhance required competencies and capabilities that put the power of development in the hands of local organisations.

The leadership development program is an attempt made globally in 20 countries out of the 34 where SNV is active to strengthen the intrinsic capacity of local capacity builders so that they become independent professional organisations. As independent professionals, they can continue to provide services commissioned by SNV and become business partners that jointly mobilise funding and implement programmes that contribute to sustainable poverty alleviation. The workshop is a precursor to successful implementation in 2015 and beyond. The success of this programme will see businesses become more sustainable, will create an enabling environment and will reinforce proucts and services.

Photo credit: Russell Watkins, DFID.