Local masons in Samtse trained in toilet construction

Local masons in Samtse trained in toilet construction

118 masons, 24 female and 94 male, have been trained to provide technical services in toilet construction in Samtse district.

SNV and the Public Health Engineering Department organised a 5-days mason training in Samtse with the objective to increase access to skilled service providers for toilet construction/up-gradation and help ensure standard design and quality of toilets constructed.

The training provided systematic skills development in toilet construction, techniques necessary for addressing common construction problems, developing or upgrading sanitation facility, coordination and linkages with the identified suppliers and marketing as part of the Rural Sanitation and Hygiene Programme.

The training was conducted in Tashichhoeling, Namgaycholing and Dophuchen geogs. Women participants were encouraged and engaged in the mason training to provide equal opportunity, to play an active role in the sanitation business services, and to influence toilet technology choices to meet specific women needs. Disability consideration and technology choices by the masons were also discussed considering the importance of social inclusion and ensuring access for all. The training concluded successfully on 3rd May 2015.