Nepal Improved Cookstove Programme reaches milestone of 50,000 stoves installed


In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes, SNV’s improved cookstove programme reaches the milestone of 50,000 improved cookstoves finding their way through the market.

In Nepal, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) is implementing a five-year Improved Cookstove Programme coupled with Carbon Finance in seven Far Western districts. The aim is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the rural poor by providing access to clean cooking and developing a thriving clean cookstove market. The main benefits of using these stoves are the reduced indoor air pollution and reduced time in firewood collection and cooking.

Since the start of the programme late 2012, more stoves were sold and installed than in the 12 years preceding the programme. This success is attributed essentially to the shift to a market-based approach and the close cooperation with local actors.

Among other benefits, the key parameters of the intervention include:

  • A design that fits local needs and uses locally available materials

  • Capacity building of local development partners who now have a strong sense of ownership of the programme

  • A market-led approach that has led to the support and involvement of the private sector

  • Increased inclusion of women who have been included at various levels and are now benefitting from the health impacts as well as professional opportunities

The ICF is registered under the UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism as the use of this stove reduces fuel consumption by 40%. Geared towards scaling up the adoption of clean cookstoves, the main building blocks of the programme are commercialisation, product diversification, innovative financing and sustainability.

The goal is to achieve, with the support of our national and international partners, an improved enabling environment for the adoption of clean cookstoves by all.

For more information contact Guy Dekelver, Sector Leader – Renewable Energy (gdekelver@snvworld.org)