New application window HortInvest Investment and Innovation Fund

Crops in field

The HortInvest project in Rwanda is opening the second window of its Investment and Innovation Fund (IIF) on 3 June. With this fund, the HortInvest project is able to co-invest in business cases from cooperatives and companies as well as innovations in fruit and vegetable value chains in Rwanda.

The HortINVEST IIF is an important instrument for the HortInvest project to support companies and farmer cooperatives to mobilise private sector investment and promote innovations in production and marketing of fruits and vegetables. These companies and cooperatives are encouraged to develop innovative business cases that are inclusive of small and medium sized farmers. The nature of the business cases may vary, as all kinds of activities along the value chain may be included. The size of the business cases will also vary. The co-investment by the IIF fund can range between €50,000 and €300,000, up to a total of 50% of the total business case budget. The remainder of the necessary investments will need to be provided by the leading company, cooperative or other private sector partners in the business case.

At this time, companies and cooperatives are invited to send in concept notes to the HortInvest team. Forms to develop concept notes can be downloaded below. The deadline for sending in concept notes is 28 June 2019.

When approved, companies/cooperatives are required to develop a full proposal. The HortInvest team is able to answer questions and provide feedback to companies and cooperatives as they develop their concept notes. Please send your completed concept note to Klaas de Vries or ask for more information.

The HortInvest project

The HortInvest project aims to increase farmers’ incomes, grow the relative contribution of the horticultural sector to the economy of Rwanda, and improve the food and nutrition security of households. The project covers six target districts in Rwanda. The project particularly focuses on fruit and vegetable value chains for domestic, regional and international markets. Key target groups are small and medium sized farmers, farmer cooperatives, and companies.

SNV implements the HortInvest project together with IDHAgriterraHolland Green Tech, and Wageningen University and Research. The project is funded by the Netherlands Embassy in Kigali. HortInvest works closely with the government of Rwanda on national and district level