New incinerator improves health facility’s waste management

New incinerator for safe waste management in Kitangali Tanzania health centre (Photo: Kadame Malunde)

Ahead of World Health Day, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation handed over an incinerator and a biomedical waste carrier to the Kitangili Dispensary in Kitangili ward, Shinyanga Municipality last month. These contribute to ongoing government efforts to improve citywide health care services for the municipality’s approximately 195,000 people.

With a total of 26 million shillings (US$ 11,200), SNV and SMC shared in the costs of constructing the incinerator and purchasing the waste carrier.

New incineration facility for health care facility, SNV (Photo ©Kadama Malunde)

Incineration facility in Kitangali Shniyanga health care centre

Vehicle for safe transport of waste, SNV (Photo ©Kadama Malunde)

Vehicle to facilitate safe transport of waste to incinerator

Speaking during the hand-over last 21 March 2022, Mr Olivier Germain, SNV in Tanzania’s WASH Sector Leader, thanked the Shinyanga Regional Leadership for their ongoing commitment to safe sanitation and waste management.

‘We thank the Shinyanga Regional Leadership for cooperating with SNV in implementing this sanitation project_,’_ said Germain. He added, w__e believe that this incinerator will contribute to personal and environmental hygiene at the Kitangili clinic and surrounding health care facilities, and that the biomedical waste carrier will assist in the safe transport of hospital waste to the incinerator.

Partners in safe waste management: SNV and Shinyanga municipality leadership (Photo ©Kadama Malunde)

Partners in safe waste management: Jomaary Satura/Shinyanga Regional Leadership (L) and Olivier Germain/SNV (R)

Stakeholders conduct ocular inspection of incinerator facility (Photo ©Kadama Malunde)

Stakeholders conduct ocular inspection of incinerator facility

For his part, the Director of Shinyanga Municipality Hon Jomaary Satura thanked SNV for its support noting that the incinerator adds value in redressing Shinyanga Municipality’s health and sanitation challenges.

‘SNV has been a major stakeholder in health and environmental issues within our Shinyanga Municipality. Tanzania is big_, but they have chosen us_ in Shinyanga Municipality.__’ Satura added ‘If you (SNV) have another opportunity, we ask you to continue to bring other project invest__ments here. We want to see Shinyanga continue to be better_.’_

group photo

Safe waste management stakeholders committed to powering through

In Shinyanga, SNV collaborates with the Shinyanga Municipal Council (SMC) and the Shinyanga Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (SHUWASA) to accelerate sanitation improvements in the municipality’s communities, public areas, schools, and health care facilities. This collaboration is part of the WASH SDG programme supported by the Government of the Netherlands to help realise the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 6.

This article was written based on a news item prepared by Ruth-Sulla King’ori, which was first published in Kiswahili in the Tanzanian Malunde 1 blog
Photos: All event photos taken by ©Kadama Malunde
More information:
1 In Tanzania, SNV’s contributions to citywide sanitation seek to contribute to the improvement of systems. From the construction of faecal sludge treatment plants to exploring the potential of faecal sludge reuse, among others, SNV is also working with government and utility companies to train sanitation service providers and introduce/safeguard their right to occupational health and safety.
2 For more information, contact Olivier Germain, SNV WASH Sector Leader by email.