New publication outlines the high impact HIT Approach

New publication outlines the high impact HIT Approach

The High Impact Tourism Training (HITT) Programme has added a new publication to the online library: The HIT Approach. This recent publication guides development professionals beyond the tourism sector to run practical, market-driven vocational training systems.

The HIT Aproach publication is based on the best practices and learning from implementing the HITT programme in Benin, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal. The HITT programme currently provides informal sector workers - especially women, young people and the unskilled and semi-skilled - with vocational trianing in the tourism sector.


Enhanced skill levels enables workers to gain better jobs, higher wages, and greater job security. At the same time, they develop the know-how and contacts to capitalise on opportunities and help develop the tourism sector, in a pro-poor, sustainable way. The HITT programme, piloted by SNV in the tourism sectors of seven of the world's least-developed countries, is funded by the European Union's 'Investing in People' programme.