New report saw household bio-digester installation increase in 2021

SNV publishes data and information on the status of household bio-digesters in selected countries in Africa and Asia

SNV publishes a new report on the status of household bio-digesters across several countries in Asia and Africa.

The findings conclude that compared to 2020, the installation rate in 2021 increased by 10%; compared to 2019 (pre-COVID), where there was a 7% increase.

In the selected countries, expert stakeholders from SNV and partner organisations were arbitrarily selected and approached in the second quarter of 2022 with a brief questionnaire. In some cases, interviews were conducted for more in-depth information.

The report notes that in 2021, over 27,000 digesters were installed in the selected countries. These digesters were fed with animal manure, providing biogas for clean cooking and bio-slurry as organic fertiliser for agricultural production. Also identified was that the most popular digester size in almost all countries is 4 or 6 m3, the total volume of the digester and gas storage.

The report explores the investment cost of installing a household biodigester and the main barriers and opportunities for scaling the market in each selected country.

Looking forward, most of the stakeholders interviewed for the report expect more digesters to be installed in 2022 due to reduced COVID effects, the emergence of new support programmes, and the increased price of LPG and chemical fertilisers.

To download the full status brief, please click on the following link - Household bio-digester installations in selected countries in Africa and Asia in 2021.

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