New video - Sustainable Nutrition 4 All, Uganda


Millions around the world suffer from malnutrition, causing stunted growth and preventing normal development. Knowing the importance of a diverse diet is not enough - having access to food all year round is essential. Watch how SNV's pioneering approach is inspiring families in Uganda to grow their own diverse diets for a healthier future!

Many people don't eat a diverse diet for a variety of reasons including; a lack of access to healthy food, poor knowledge of the importance of good nutrition, and cultural norms and traditions governing what foods are eaten, and by whom, in the household.

But SNV is changing mindsets and triggering people to eat a healthier varied diet. Through increased capacity to grow their own foods, household behaviour change and education, Ugandan communities are now tackling the causes of malnutrition themselves.

Watch the video - expertly produced by BrandOutLoud.

This programme is proudly supported by The Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation.